3 Interior Design Tactics to Create Space in Crowded Rooms

Look around the room. There are so many things that you have! Couches, bookshelves, souvenirs from travel, the list goes on and on! With so much stuff, it won’t take long before your room is completely stuffed and you have no place to move or enjoy yourself. Using these three great interior design tips and tactics, you will be able to open up that cluttered space!

Tactic #1: Pick the right lighting for the room!

Lighting is a huge part in what makes a room look large or small. A flat, large overhead light will definitely make your room look tinier. If you are going for the minimalist, small space, then by all means go for the top overhead lighting, however if you are wanting to make the place seem larger it’s best to use individual lighting to brighten up the room. Use lamps, candles, even track lighting in some instances to really get the full effect. With individual lighting, you will also be able to put emphasis on the things you want to put emphasis on (that $2000 painting) and take emphasis away from you don’t want pointed out (your dog’s huge urine stain).

Tactic #2: Mirrors! Mirrors! Mirrors!

Not only are mirrors good for helping you located and remove that nasty bit of broccoli wedged sneakily between your two front teeth, they can also make a room seem bigger! Putting mirrors in rooms can also save on electricity if you use them to bring in more natural light from the sun. Set a mirror across from your window, and open up the blinds every once in a while! Generally speaking, the bigger you want the room to appear, the bigger the mirror you should get.

Tactic #3: What about my furniture?

When it comes to your couches and coffee tables, there are a few things to note. Pale furniture will open up a room much better than intensely colored furniture will. Also, if you are trying to conserve space, check out furniture that comes with built-in drawers and compartments! Get a coffee table that has a drawer for your remotes and TV-Guides. Also, it may be smart to position your biggest couch (or only couch in some cases) facing the door, as it not only makes the room look nicer, but will give the impression that you have more space.

Using just these three tactics, you should be able to make your bedroom, living room, or any other room for that matter look nicer and much larger than it actually is. Be creative and don’t forget to try different furniture placements! You never know how much better a room can look until you move it around a few times to really find the best match for the room!