Beautiful Paint Combinations for Your Home’s Interior

Use these beautiful paint color combinations if you are tired of all neutrals, or need a change.

Living Room

A living room should be warm and welcoming. Use a combination of stone hues to create a beautiful palette that has strong masculine undertones of slate and rock. Combine a faded moss green with a deep chocolate brown, a dusty blue and a barely there reddish tan. Add a pale white, the color of sheepskin as your neutral.

Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Retain some femininity in her bedroom decor through her teen years, while allowing some metallics to shine through. Think of a light aqua blue and bright pink, slightly darker than traditional Florida Art Deco colors. Add some silver metallic paint, and either a cool, dark gray or a deep shade of ruby. Pure white can be used a the neutral in this beautiful paint color combination for a teen girl’s bedroom.

Kitchen Paint Combinations

A lively and vibrant kitchen can be created with earthy and bright paint color combinations. Keep it hot with a warm red, a gem green and bright yellow. Use a reddish brown or umber brown for trim.

Formal Dining Room

You’ll feel like royalty when you incorporate a cool and plum-based paint color combination in the formal dining room. World’s away from green or boring tan, this luxurious palette will bring out the facets of your displayed crystal or silver. Start with a dusty rose and paint faux panels on the walls. Add plum frames, in the form of paint, or by using thin pieces of trim. Paint the walls a creamy white. Accessorize with a more mauve-like plum and blue wildflower hues. Add a bit of coral color for warmth.

Bachelor Bedroom or Den

For bachelor’s bedroom or a man’s den, look no further than his closet for inspiration, according to the Paint Color Institute. Paint wall colors warm grey, with chocolate brown trim. Add navy blue decor, bedding and accessories. Paint the back of doors with stripes or a diamond pattern, to mimic argyle sweaters. Leather furniture will add texture to this beautiful paint color combination.

Gender-Neutral Playroom

Pluck some citrus colors from the paint store the next time you want to paint a child’s playroom. Paint one wall a vibrant orange, with a warm white ceiling. Add geometric shapes to the room by using apple green, with hints of black trim. Achieve white accents by painting blocks of a wall with black chalkboard paint.