Inexpensive Interior Decorating: How to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Contrary to popular belief, sprucing up your interior decorations to suit the fall season does not necessarily have to cost a fortune. By setting and sticking to a realistic budget, you can easily add a touch of autumn to your home without breaking the bank.

Let’s explore a few inexpensive and simple interior decorations that add a tasteful touch of fall to any home:

Update Your Candles

Powder blue candles on the table during a dinner party is certainly not fitting with a fall interior decoration theme. Updating your decorative candles in fall colors is affordable and creates the appearance of a well-organized seasonal theme.

If desired, scented candles also make a nice addition to fall interior decorations. Not only are scented candles available in a wide variety of colors, but fall fragrances will aid in the overall theme and feel of your home.

Vines, Leaves, Berries, and Nuts

By taking a stroll in your backyard, you can easily locate many of the basics needed for cheap fall interior decorating. Vines, leaves, berries, and nuts can be displayed in endless fashions and help to create a warm and cozy environment.

Be sure to research poisonous plants in your area before picking any of these items.

Display Flowers in Fall Colors

Displaying flowers in fall colors is a quick, easy, and thrifty way of adding a seasonal touch to any room in your home. Rather than purchasing fresh flowers on a regular basis, consider fake plants or flowers that thrive in the fall weather, such as mums.

Experiment with Gourds

Much like miniature pumpkins, gourds are typically rather inexpensive and effortlessly located throughout the fall season. Gourds can be displayed alone or with other fall themed items such as candles, plants, flowers, and miniature pumpkins.

Not only do miniature gourds make a nice colorful addition to other fall decorations, but they can also be dried and decorated in a variety of fashions to compliment nearly any home decor.

Add Color to Indoor Plants

Indoor plants and greenery often clash with fall home decorations, which creates a disorganized appearance. The solution to this problem is very simple: add bright fall colors to your indoor plants. This can be achieved by purchasing fake leaves, flowers, and vines, and gently adding the items to the indoor plant.

Place Mats, Table Runners, and Table Cloths

Creating a highly detailed fall center piece and place setting is often quite pricey and time consuming. Rather than spending the time and energy attempting to achieve a perfect table, consider purchasing thrifty fall table decorations. Attractive fall themed place mats, table runners, and table cloths are generally quite affordable and readily available at department and discount stores.

Miniature Pumpkins

Available at most large grocery chains and farmers’ markets during the fall season, miniature pumpkins are an excellent fall interior decoration. The pumpkins can be displayed alone or with other seasonal items, are quite easy to work with, and are often available at very low prices.