Interior Decorating for Fall on a Budget

Fall is just around the corner, which means you will probably be spending much more time indoors. Creating a warm and inviting fall feeling means changing the “landscape” a bit. You don’t have to spend your entire life savings to get the look you want though.

Here are some tips for decorating for fall on a budget:

Bargains – You can find great deals on fall décor in stores such as Kohl’s. Kohl’s has top of the line home décor. Visiting the store when it is having a huge blow out sale can save you hundreds of dollars to decorate your home for Fall.

Yard Sales – Think interior decorating when you are out at those late summer yard sales. Use your imagination. Think of how you could change a simple object into a fall decoration for you home. Don’t forget that it is easy and inexpensive to paint or stain old wooden furniture as well.

Your Yard – Plant flowers that bloom in the fall. This will give you the ability to have fresh cut flowers in your home all season. You don’t even have to buy a vase. Place the flowers in a glass or pitcher that you already have. Crystal pitchers work very nicely. When the flowers begin to fade, you can easily replace them. Asters are great flowers to use. For a little mix, add some decorative grass to the mix.

DIY Projects – Do-it-yourself projects cost far less than purchasing a pre-made item. You can find a wide array of Fall decorating ideas at a local craft store. Michael’s is one of the best places to shop. Another great craft store is AC Moore. Purchase a craft book relating to fall decorating. You will be amazed at the number of ideas you can get to make eye-catching décor for your home.

Take a Second Look – Before you throw away items from around your home, take a second look at it and put some thought into whether you could use the item for decorating your home for the fall. Old curtains that are white or off white can be dyed to a fall color such as orange, reds, greens and browns. It works for old tablecloths as well. If you are good with sewing, make a pillow case covering out of old fabrics. Don’t be afraid of keeping your old things to make them look completely different and new.

Knick-Knacks – You can find great knick-knacks at stores such as Dollar General or at the yard sales we talked about earlier. Knick-knacks can be placed on shelves, fireplace mantles, tables and even your bathroom sink. You will find many fall items available at very low prices that match your fall theme. It is a nice “final touch” to all those other great finds.

Decorating for fall on a budget doesn’t have to mean plastic turkeys on your table. Imagination is the key to making your home feel more like fall without breaking your bank account.