Interior Decorating Ideas for a Black and Gold Room

If the title of this article makes you a bit nauseous maybe you should move on. I am about to discuss decorating a room in black and gold… exclusively. Only the bravest of souls should venture forth. There are two options for decorating a room in black and gold. You can have a black room with gold accents, or a gold room with black accents.

Decorating a gold room with black accents:

Gold is a very bright and shiny color, but not one you should fear it when decorating. Fortunately, gold comes in many shades and hues. When painting a room in gold, you will want to use one of the less vibrant shades and instead choose something more muted. You can add more brilliant shades of gold to the room in the form of accessories.

So go ahead and choose a shade of gold you know you can live with on a large scale and paint the walls of your room gold. Find matching gold window treatments as well. Now you are ready to add your black accents.

You will need black furniture. It can be modern with steel legs, leather, or traditional with gold painted wood trim, based on your personal style. You will want to pair it with a black entertainment center or other large piece of furniture. You should also use an area rug with a black border to anchor the furniture pieces. Also, create an accent wall by hanging a series of music or art, framed in black.

Decorating a black room with gold accents:

A black room with gold accents will make a most dramatic statement. It can also darken the room considerably so you will want to choose a room that is awash with sunlight and large. When painting your room, you will want to use flat or eggshell paint on the walls, and white paint on the trim and possible below a chair rail, to further break up the color.

Accessorize your black room with large pieces or multiple pieces or art framed in gold or in a gold motif. The idea is not to cover up the black, but to showcase the accents on a black background. Bring in gold colored upholstered furniture (or bedding) or perhaps black leather with gold throw blankets and pillows.