Interior Decorating Ideas: Make a Statement with Wall Mirrors

If you remember the mirrored walls that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, then the thought af adding mirrors to your walls brings you nightmares. However, mirrored walls have come back into style and the applications are much more attractive and up to date. If you have a wall that needs a bit of pizazz, here are some ideas you can use to make a statement with wall mirrors.

Today’s decorative mirrors aren’t marbled with a strange gold design and then stuck to the wall with cement adhesive. Some mirrors are long and have wavy shapes. Some are round, some are square, and most have frames. Today’s mirrors can be hung by themselves or in a grid of ten or twenty.

For a statement wall, hanging the mirrors in duplicates is the way to go. You can make a grid of ten, or twenty mirrors. You can hang them diagonally. You can also intersperse them among your family portraits or artwork. The trick to hanging mirrors for a statement wall is to not completely cover the wall with mirrors but to create pattern using both the mirrors and the space between the mirrors.

Choosing mirrors to help you make a statement on your walls is quite a task. There are hundreds of interesting mirrors on the market to choose from and you should look until you find mirrors that fit your style. You can choose from star burst mirrors, jewel encrusted mirrors, simple sleek frames, and elaborate gilded frames. Find the mirrors that you like best, keeping in mind that you plan to hang them on the wall in multiples.

Before hanging your mirrors on the wall, it is important that you first decide on your pattern and draw it out on paper. The last thing you want to do is to put three or four holes in the wall PER mirror. That could be disastrous. A great tip to get your mirrors hung properly is to purchase butcher paper and lay out the mirrors on it. Draw around the mirrors and put a dot where the holes go. Finally, tape the paper to the wall, and then install the nails or hardware on the paper. Pull the paper off the walls then hang the mirrors.