Interior Decorating Ideas: Spruce Up Your Walls by Color Washing

You decorated your home 5 years ago and it still looks good, but the wall colors seem a little stale and maybe even outdated. You can update those old stale colors by color washing your walls. Color washing is easier then painting as you don’t have to be as careful, it also gives the room more of a designer effect.

If you had to pick new colors for your rooms while keeping the same furnishings and fabrics, chances are your wall colors would only be subtly different. This is because colors do not change drastically from year to year, but the hues soften or brighten according to trend. Color washing will help you alter your wall color without starting from scratch.

The first thing you must do is to choose the colors that will blend well with your existing colors while giving the room a new punch. Look for a color in the same color family, but a couple of shades lighter or darker. If you want to soften the walls, use a lighter color. If you want to make the walls more vibrant, use a brighter color. If you want to make the room a little darker, then use a darker color.

The process of color washing walls is quite simple. You mix your paint color 50-50 with Latex Glaze that you can purchase in the paint department of your hardware store. Then using cloth rags, dip the rag into the paint, and literally use a washing motion on the walls. The trick is to apply small amounts at a time, and build it up. It is easier to add more paint than to take it away.

Should you choose, you could add more than one color to your color wash. For example, if your walls are pale yellow, you can add mustard to darken them a bit and a bit of brown to give them an aged affect. I also like to add clear sparkle paint in small amounts to make the wall gleam. Play with a sample board first before attempting to color wash the walls to get the hang of creating the effect, and to be sure you get results you will like.