The Importance of Interior Decorating

Our home is our haven, where we go and unwind after a long day. Making your home special by using interior design, can create a place that is all your own. Interior decorating emphasizes your personal style and tastes to show case when guests or family comes to visit. Interior design is one way you can express yourself. How you decorate your home says a lot about who you are. Many people like to design their homes based on where they came from. For instance if you grew up in the country, you might like a classic country style, and bring in handmade furniture and art work. There are many benefits of interior design. Homes that are tastefully decorated tend to be much cleaner. Those people, who spend the time to decorate their space, usually take pride in their home. Having a beautiful home can help with depression because if you like your living space you are more likely to be a happy person.

Interior decorating can also help create a certain mood. For instance, if you create a tranquil environment in your bedroom this can help you drift off to sleep more easily each night. You can do this by painting the walls a soft blue color and making the fabrics, pictures and designs in your room soft and mellow.

These are just a few of the various types of interior design.

Modern and contemporary is a very simple and sophisticated professional look, using bold or dark colors. This look has a basic look with clean lines. This look is very classical and balanced.

Feng Shui is a style which uses the principles of Feng Shui to help keep energy flowing and create a very balanced environment.

Asian is a very creative bold look which symbolizes calm feelings, with soft silky fabrics and some bold yet comforting designs.

Country is a very popular style because it is simple and comfortable. Country involves brining in rustic or hand crafted items, like furniture, pictures and paintings.

Art Deco is a very retro style which is bold and vibrant, but not the most popular.

If you are decorating a home consider all the people who live in the home. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. If you have children you may give them the option to decorate, with a theme they like, that blends in well with the rest of the house. For instance you could give your child the option of decorating their room with an old fashioned train theme, or baseball.

Get some books about interior design or hire an interior decorating before getting started. Consider the needs of your spouse. If you like the country style, but your spouse is very modern you might want to mix the two styles, in a way that blends well.

Expert Insight
Elizabeth Dewitt, Interior Decorator, says “Your home is where you spend 80% of our life. How your home looks can make all the difference in the world, whether you are happy or depressed.” It is worth the effort to make your home a unique place. Remember it is your home, and your home reflects who you are as a person.