Shabby Chic Living Room Dcor on a Budget

Shabby chic is one of the easiest styles to create on a budget. Shabby chic style and décor just happens to be one of the only decorating styles that entails a mixture of old and new that when combined creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Creating a shabby chic living room that your friends and family will love to spend time in is very simple to do on a budget. Using the existing furniture and items that you already have around the house, you can create a shabby chic living room décor on a budget with just a few additional accents that make the entire room come together.

Shabby Chic Furnishings for a Living Room: A shabby chic living room should include a big cushiony couch and wood style coffee tables as well as end tables or lamp tables. The furniture that you already have for the living room can be made into a shabby chic furniture just by using chenille throws on the couches and mismatched pillows that will coordinate with the décor. When choosing mismatched pillows for the shabby chic décor make sure that you choose pillows that vary in size and texture as texture plays a big role in creating a shabby chic design.

Shabby Chic Living Room Lighting: The lighting in your living room may or may not already be shabby chic. An old chandelier or hanging lantern style light for the corner reading area of the shabby chic living room can usually be found even for the lowest budget price and it makes a great addition to a shabby chic living room. Other lighting options for a shabby chic living room include traditional table lamps and wall sconces for ambient lighting.

Shabby Chic Living Room Flooring: Even a tight budget usually leaves room for the use of shabby chic flooring in the living room. If the room is already carpeted then the addition of some shabby chic rugs may be the most budget friendly answer. For living rooms that are not carpeted or for a budget that maybe could spare a bit more on the flooring, a shabby chic whitewashed oak or milk wash type laminate flooring can be found and installed rather easily and inexpensively.

Shabby Chic Living Room Accessories on a Budget: Shabby chic décor can be summed up by the accessories that are in the room. A living room that is shabby chic may include candle holders, distressed wood shelves on the walls, mismatched magazines and books on the coffee table, and of course, lace. Shabby chic must include the lace and curtains in the living room are a great way to add some shabby chic style to the décor. Lace curtains are simple to make or very budget friendly to purchase pre-made and ready to hang.


Natural Behr Paint Colors for the Shabby Chic Kitchen

Natural Behr Paint Colors for the Shabby Chic Kitchen When thinking of natural hues, many Behr paint colors come to mind. The shabby chic kitchen should be a warm and inviting place, and the Behr paint color that you choose for the kitchen can make all the difference. From coordinating with kitchen cabinets to appliances, there are many different from Behr Paints that are just perfect for the kitchen. Here is a list of the best natural toned Behr paint colors for painting a shabby chic kitchen.

Shabby Chic Natural Behr Paint Colors for the Kitchen:

Country Beige is a really warm Behr paint color that is great for shabby chic kitchen decor. The color is #760C-2 and it is a red undertoned natural Behr paint color. The color is like a tan but not so yellow. Country Beige one of many Behr interior paint colors that coordinates well with kitchen cabinets that are natural wood tones.

Another great natural paint color from Behr paints to choose for a shabby chic kitchen is #730C-1 called White Clay. This white color is perfect to go with the lace that is likely to be found within your shabby chic kitchen. This is one of the Behr paint colors that is cool but not cold and definitely will help with relaxation in your kitchen. It also coordinates well with a tile backsplash or countertop.

Raffia Cream #710C-2 is another one of the natural Behr paint colors that coordinate wonderfully with a shabby chic kitchen motif. This kitchen paint color is really great if your kitchen connects openly to your dining room or living area. It will not darken the shabby chic kitchen to the point of making even a smaller kitchen feel tight but it is a warm Behr natural paint color.

Ancient Stone Behr paint color #790A-2 is a beautiful grey tone that is excellent for a shabby chic kitchen. It coordinates with fiberglass countertops as well as with darker granite or granite style countertops. This is one of the most natural looking Behr paint colors for the kitchen. It also looks great with stainless appliances!

Finally, a very light and beautiful Behr paint color that is perfect for a shabby chic style kitchen is called Malibu Coast #230E-2. This is one of many Behr paint colors that has a hint of color but is not overdone. Malibu Coast will not draw too much attention but it is definitely an eye catcher. This Behr paint color will definitely brighten up the kitchen and coordinates well with whitewash style cabinets and furniture.


Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic I decided to talk about the ever more popular style of decorating today, shabby chic, because it is so appropriate for the economic times we are dealing with. Without a doubt, this is the most economic form of decorating you can choose, since the main rule is “if it is old, worn, and used, its perfect!”

Worn (not torn), faded, vintage upholstery, curtains, tablecloths, bed linens, and rugs are what you are looking for. Wooden furniture should be distressed (like most of us, these days), banged up, with worn corners, or, if painted, should be peeling and chipping.

Don’t get me wrong, here, Folks! I’m not talking about cheap crappy furniture that fell apart. I am referring to high quality pieces, and once beautiful fabrics, picture frames, and chandeliers, that were lovingly used, and have faded and worn out over time. Cottons and linens should be either white, or pastels that have faded and bleached out over the years.

Painted furniture is also white or pastel, with many layers of paint, worn through in spots to show previous colors. Don’t mistake this style for a rustic look. While rustic may also be shabby, it is usually furniture of a simpler, more primitive design. Shabby chic can be very grand, elegant, and even formal. Think of it in the same light as a vintage wine!

Yellowed lace, fabric that is heavily patterned with roses, chenille bedspreads, lots of candles, old photographs and tintypes in filigreed silver frames are what you should be scouting around for. Hand painted (and chipped) ceramic vases filled with roses can sit proudly in every room. Iron beds, candelabras sitting on doilies, rusty outdoor furniture will complete your look.

Don’t overcrowd your rooms with “stuff.” Keep it light and airy, with white or very light walls. Keep your color in your accessories. And don’t be afraid to use slipcovers on pieces that are just a bit too shabby. The resulting look should be comfortable, romantic, and nostalgic.

The best part of all is shopping for your treasures! At a time when budgeting is an absolute necessity, and recycling is urgently needed to save our environment, what could be more fun than hitting the garage sales, flea markets, consignment shops and thrift stores BECAUSE YOU WANT TO?

A word of caution…make sure that what you buy is sturdy, tables and chairs are level, and lamps are properly wired and working. Have fun shopping!


Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Shabby chic décor is a great way to incorporate a new design into the home without going all out. You may have some various textures or different colors in fabrics, or maybe you just have lots of different furniture for you house and you just are not sure how you can incorporate the design into a shabby chic décor that will work for your home. Here are some shabby chic décor ideas for the home that will make the home look!

Chenille: Chenille fabrics are a great way to add some shabby chic style to the home. Throw a chenille throw blanket over the back of a couch or along the foot of a bed. The coordination of this soft fabric and lace in a shabby chic décor makes all the difference. Paired with an antique white wall or even the use of baby blue in the room this chenille fabric will create a shabby chic look in nearly any room.

Lace: Lace curtains are the easiest way to add a shabby chic décor to the home. Whether it is in the bathroom, kitchen or even the living room, lace curtains are a shabby chic décor accessory that can’t be missed. In addition to lace curtains, you can also add a lace shower curtain to a shabby chic bathroom, or a lace bedspread to a shabby chic bedroom. The use of lace adds a slightly antique look to nearly anything. Shabby chic decorating can be as simple as having an updated room with some lace curtains to draw attention down a bit.

Colors: The colors that you choose for a shabby chic room make all the difference in the overall décor of the home. Baby blue works well for a country style shabby chic living room, kitchen or bedroom. Dusty roses are another great choice for shabby chic living rooms and bedrooms. For the kitchen, an antique white paired with lavender or baby blue floral prints are the perfect shabby chic addition to the home. Try painting the kitchen cabinets antique white and use a baby blue or peony tone for the walls. Lace curtains and some chair cushions in floral prints will complete the look

Texture: The various textures that are used in the home can add some shabby chic design and themes to each room. Different fabrics will create a different theme in each room from the kitchen to the bathroom and the living room. For the bedroom, to create a shabby chic look, try using chenille fabrics, various paint colors, and of course lace curtains to finish off the look. Mix an match different textures in the room to create a shabby chic decor. Shabby chic decorating is very simple when you use what you have on hand and maybe pair it with something new that isn’t so shabby–more along the chic line.

Incorporating Various Items: The use of various items will add to the shabby chic look of a room. This is not to say that a shabby chic design is thrown together and not well planned…what this means is that a shabby chic décor is well planned and all the elements of the design work well together. The textures, designs, colors and overall feel of the room feel well together and work well together. Various items of the room can be incorporated together to create an overall design that functions and performs up to desired standards!

Distressed Look: Furnishings can easily be given a distressed look by using some sand paper to scuff up the edges of wood furniture and accessories. Picture frames can be painted with an antique white finish and then distressed around the corners and the edges using sand paper. This shabby chic look will add some style to nearly anything in the home!


Tips on Ecologically Decorating Your Home

Tips on Ecologically Decorating Your Home Go green was once believed to be a fad of its day. Pricey green innovation has long held the stigma for being the fashionable and politically correct for those who can afford it as known as the very wealthy. However, go green in your home has come a long way from its exorbitantly priced and not so humble beginnings. Whether you’re after the shabby chic look for your homes new look or the elegant and traditional by using the recycled materials whenever and wherever you can shall keep you well in the black when it comes to the budget for the redecoration project.

When decorating large areas of the home paint is generally speaking the most economical way to go. Let’s face it, conventional paint is very hazardous to ones health. The pollutants contained in even the leading paints manufacturer’s products are well above levels found from outdoor paints. It is believed the that toxic levels found in conventional paints along with poor ventilation has led to damage causing effects on the body such as headaches, asthma, fatigue and even heart disease.

Finding eco-friendly paint for your DIY project means you are instantly creating a healthier environment for your home and the environment. New ecological paint options should emit little or no VOCs. These paint products tend to be of a water base which is safer to use and gentler on the environment. “Low-VOC” stamp of approval means that the product is definitely approved by EPA standards. The selection of paint and colors are becoming more readily available as the demand for healthier paint products increases.

When looking at the most viable and ecological option to use for furnishing your home look no further than your nearest scrap yard. This may sound most thrifty but there are great finds to hand for those determined enough. A great substitute for buying an expensive dining table from the local home depot or furniture shop is instead to search around your local wood yard for reclaimed wood to use as the table top. That and a basic table DIY kit will create the prefect rustic or elegant dining table depending on the type of wood finish you choose.

Keeping in mind that saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure shall help you navigate through salvage yards with gusto. Using reclaimed wood for larger furniture items such as bed frames, desks and side tables will provide a new stylish look for your home all at an extremely affordable cost. Whether you leave the original finished on the wooden pieces found in the salvage yard or apply eco-friendly paint from your supply of Low VOC paint collection the beauty of the wood shall shine through.

Making something as simple as a wall of water from recycled jars which are stacked on a window seal creates a cooling effect that lowers the heat absorption throughout the day. This works best when placed in the west facing windows of your home. Replacing old carpet is easier than you think. If you are fortunate enough to have good hard wood flooring underneath your tattered carpets then polish them up.

Another great alternative is replacing them with an inexpensive non-toxic carpet option called carpet squares. This carpet option literally comes in sizeable squared carpet form. They are easy to apply to the floor and come in an array of non-toxic dyes colors. Most carpet manufacture’s produce carpet squares from recycled materials making them wonderfully friendly to the environment. Decorating your home with green and environmentally friendly options can be a fun and educational method to introducing the entire neighborhood to ecological wonders also known as “Going Green.”


Best Color Wheel Paint Colors for a Shabby Chic Kitchen

Best Color Wheel Paint Colors for a Shabby Chic KitchenShabby chic is one of the most popular design styles for the kitchen. The best thing about a shabby chic kitchen is that with a little bit of paint and some accents there are endless possibilities. There is no right or wrong when it comes to shabby chic kitchen décor just that you make sure to coordinate some of the textures and colors with one another. Color Wheel paint colors in light baby blues, creamy antique whites, sea foam greens and soft rosy pinks are perfect for a shabby chic kitchen.

Color Wheel Paint Colors for a Shabby Chic Kitchen: Shabby Chic Baby Blue

Color Wheel interior paint color number CL2241W Titian is the perfect baby blue tone for a shabby chic kitchen that features white washed cabinets or slid white cabinets and tile countertops.

For a darker tone that is slightly more grey, Color Wheel interior paint color number CL2271W called Paleness is another great baby blue tone for the shabby chic kitchen. This color really pairs well with lace fabrics that can be used for curtains or tablecloths.

Color Wheel Paint Colors for a Shabby Chic Kitchen: Shabby Chic Antique Whites

Antique or washed white tones are a great choice for shabby chic kitchen décor. A creamy white tone such as Color Wheel interior paint color number CLW1042W called Mystaya is a great creamy white tone for the kitchen.

For a more antiqued white look, try Color Wheel’s Forgetmenot has a slightly tan tint to it making it have a more antique look to it. Forgetmenot is the perfect Color Wheel paint color for the ceiling of a shabby chic kitchen. Use a rosy pink tone for the walls to complete the shabby chic look.

Color Wheel Paint Colors for a Shabby Chic Kitchen: Shabby Chic Greens

Shabby chic green tones are typically pastel and resemble the color of a muted mint or sea foam. Potion from the Color Wheel interior paint line is a nice shabby chic tone for the kitchen walls. A white backsplash in 4 inch tile really finishes this look off.

For a darker tone, try Color Wheel color number CLC1205W which is called No Way. This tone is a nice contrast when paired with Potion from the Color Wheel interior paint line.

Sea foam greens such as Misty Morn from the Color Wheel interior paint color line are another great option for shabby chic kitchen décor.

Color Wheel Paint Colors for a Shabby Chic Kitchen: Shabby Chic Pinks

Pinks are a nice addition to a shabby chic kitchen. Rosy tones make the perfect backdrop to a kitchen that features lots of sheer lace curtains and sunlight. Try Beloved, Dignity, or Innocent from the Color Wheel line for a truly shabby chic kitchen interior that is rosy and fun!


How to Decorate Your Home with Shabby Chic

How to Decorate Your Home with Shabby Chic Shabby chic is a decorating style which offers lots of warmth and nostalgia with a contemporary slant. The design look uses vintage and antique furniture and accessories which have slight wear, giving the home a ‘lived in’ yet stylish appearance. Many designers also use new furniture and accessories, distressing them to mimic the patina of age. Read on for design ideas and tips to achieve a shabby chic style in your home.

Buy vintage and antique furniture and accessories.

A few key pieces of furniture or accessories can be the basis for a shabby chic look. Search for items which have great design and which look comfortably worn.

Some great places to find bargains on vintage and antique items include: yard and garage sales, thrift and charity shops, online auctions, estate auctions and antique shops.

Make repairs or adjustments to bargain home furnishings.

Often you can find a piece of furniture or an accessory which needs some work at a bargain price. A little TLC can make it perfect for your shabby chic look. For instance, I have often found old frames at garage sales which contain cheap old prints. I bought them and replaced the prints with mirrors or vintage black and white photographs.

Refinish new or old furniture or accessories with a shabby chic look.

Some interior designers are masters at creating a shabby chic look without spending much money. For instance, new wooden furniture and accessories can be painted in an off-white color to give them a slightly aged look. After the paint is dry, you can sand the surface to make the item look distressed. A cheap new wooden dresser, mirror frame or chair can be transformed into a shabby chic centerpiece by using this method.

A word of advice – don’t repaint nice antique furniture. Repainting can damage some antique and vintage items and destroy the value. Rather, a professional restoration protects the value of period furniture. Repainting furniture yourself is best saved for items which cannot be otherwise repaired or which are not of high value.

Accentuate with Simple Colors and Accessories.

The shabby chic style is simple and rustic, so don’t overpower with bold colors and patterns. Rather, simple, soft colors and fabrics blend beautifully with a shabby chic style. For soft furnishings, look for patterns that have a period or vintage feel. The aim of shabby chic style is to create a simple lived-in feel; continue with the feeling of comfort and calm by using light, soothing shades.


Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch

Creating a shabby chic bedroom from scratch is both simple and inexpensive. From the bed to the curtains, everything in a shabby chic bedroom is very affordable and often times you can create a shabby chic bedroom ensemble with furniture that you already own. With a few little touches and a day’s work well done, an inexpensive shabby chic bedroom is right around the corner!

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 1

Choose your paint. The best shabby chic paint colors tend to be greens, yellows, and light baby blues. You may also like a cream white depending on your particular furnishing ideas. Choose a paint color that will coordinate with the surroundings in your new shabby chic bedroom by taking your bedspread or other accent pieces with you to the paint store. Inexpensive paint may be purchased at department stores such as wal-mart or k-mart.

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 2

Choose Furniture. When choosing furniture for your new shabby chic bedroom, make sure that you look to old distressed pieces, wrought irons, or woods that have an aged appearance. If you have furniture already that is made from wood you may also use sandpaper to scuff up the edges for a worn look. Inexpensive painted furniture can easily be given a distressed or aged look (perfect for a shabby chic bedroom) by applying a very thin layer of paint thinner to the edges just long enough t cause the paint to begin to curl around the edges. Remember, the most inexpensive shabby chic bedroom furnishings are those that you create yourself with the furnishings that you already own.

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 3

Choose Bedding and Curtains. Your shabby chic bedroom is just not shabby chic without the proper bedding and curtains. Shabby chic bedding such as an old quilt that your grandmother may have made or a chennile blanket will really add flare to your new shabby chic bedroom and is very inexpensive! The best shabby chic bedroom curtains are lace curtains that accent the wall paint that you chose. If you don’t have lace curtains you can easily make lace drapes for very little cost out of pocket. Remember that your shabby chic bedroom will be very inexpensive as long as you work with what you do have and don’t sweat what you don’t have!

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 4

Choose Accents. A shabby chic bedroom should be accented with glass knick knacks such as vases and crystal candle holders. We all have those glass knick knacks that we have accumulated over the years and packed away somewhere because we just didn’t know where they would fit in…the shabby chic bedroom is the perfect place for all those knick knacks. If you don’t already have such items, you can easily accessorize your new shabby chic bedroom very inexpensively by shopping at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 5

Wall Hangings. Finish off your shabby chic bedroom by adding some shabby chic wall hangings. Photos can be famed in wood frames that are painted in coordinating paint colors and then distressed. Distress the frames the same way you would furniture-scuff the edges with some sandpaper. You may also choose an inexpensive country cottage style painting from a flea market for your shabby chic bedroom. Again, keep the frames either raw wood for a rustic look or painted with distressed edges for best results in your new shabby chic bedroom!


The Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is a casual look that inspires comfort and is characterized by vintage accessories, pastel colors and comfortable furniture. The style includes materials with floral patterns, furniture pieces painted in bright colors, galleries with wrought iron ornaments and flowers.

Think about visiting your grandparent’s house, filled with comfortable furniture: the big fluffy bed or the chairs. Fresh flowers and perfumed candles complete the decoration. This kind of house, decorated in the shabby chic style, will give you the same feeling in your home.

Shabby chic is not a specific style, but is an elegant combination of old things, sparkling silver accessories, painted wood tables and fluffy carpets.

In the following lines you’ll find some interior design tips and decorating how to for the shabby chic and romantic vintage cottage style home.

Delicate colors, light shades

If you like strong colors, than the shabby chic style is not for you. Use pale white, warm grey, warm pink or light green.

Pale materials

Gather textiles from the entire house or buy some with an old look, to obtain a vintage atmosphere. If you don’t find, you can get by yourself that mat appearance of materials, by coloring them with tea. Test it first on a piece of material, to obtain the desired shade.

Combine colors with patterns

Combine stripes with squares or with floral patterns to create a warm atmosphere. You don’t have to follow the traditional principles of mixing patterns. But use for the background the white or ivory color, then chose a color to use for any material.

Furniture painted in white

Almost any piece of furniture can be integrated in the shabby chic décor if it’s painted in white. You will be surprised about can do the white paint from a chair or an old coffee table.

Think free

Not all the chairs are made to seat on them. Some are very uncomfortable. But you can transform them in little tables and put them near to the bed along with some flowers. Be creative with the things in your house, especially with those which you can’t find an immediate use for.



Cheap and Easy Stained Glass

Cheap and Easy Stained Glass I have always loved stained glass but could never afford the real thing. I loved the idea of light bouncing off all the colored glass and the images dancing around off the walls and floors.

Living in apartments most of my life I have often looked for ways to keep the neighbors from looking in without giving up the sunlight for my plants. It is also great in bathroom windows for the privacy you need but still allowing all the sunlight to filter in as well. If you have a finished basement stained glass offers the perfect finishing touch.

As you well know, when living in an apartment it is not a good idea to do this treatment directly to your windows. I wouldn’t recommend doing it directly to your windows no matter where you live. If you get tired of it you would have to replace the whole window. I like to take my work with me wherever I live.

Here’s the solution. Measure the window in which you are working with. You can have a piece of glass cut a tad bit smaller to fit and put it in the window. You can place nails around the sides of the window to hold it in place.

I like to go to the thrift stores in search of old large pictures that are close to the size I’m looking for. I like to choose frame that are beat up and have lots of character. Remove the picture and wash the glass on both sides. You are ready to begin.

For this project you will need stained glass paint. You can find tubes in any color you like at most craft stores. I like allot of color so I usually buy one of each. Stained glass paint runs around two dollars and twenty five cents for a one ounce bottle. Keep in mind the color clear, when finished, resembles the old fashioned wavy glass look. White resembles ivory or marble. Both are beautiful!

You will also need a large bottle of liquid lead. You can find it right next to the stained glass paint. Liquid lead runs around five dollars a five ounce bottle. While you’re there check out the pattern books that are made to slide under the glass so that you can trace your favorite design. The books start out around five dollars per book.

If you don’t trust your tracing skills craft stores offer peel and stick already made lead patterns. I enjoy the homemade look so I trace my patterns.

You will be treating the side of the glass that will be facing the window. In other words, surface untreated side out. This way it is less likely to collect dust and easier to clean.

Make sure to use a well ventilated area. I didn’t and wow what a migraine! Trace your pattern onto the glass and allow to cure overnight. The next day start filling in with color. Make sure to fill each spot thoroughly or else you will be able to see squiggly marks when it dries. If this happens you can go over each spot adding more of the color gel after it has dried. If you do this make sure to fill in the entire spot over again otherwise you will see the patch work when it is placed in the window.

This is perfect for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and basement windows. It is also great on glass end tables or for just hanging on the wall. Great as a house warming present! Remember, the bigger the window the more it will cost in supplies. Good luck!