The Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is a casual look that inspires comfort and is characterized by vintage accessories, pastel colors and comfortable furniture. The style includes materials with floral patterns, furniture pieces painted in bright colors, galleries with wrought iron ornaments and flowers.

Think about visiting your grandparent’s house, filled with comfortable furniture: the big fluffy bed or the chairs. Fresh flowers and perfumed candles complete the decoration. This kind of house, decorated in the shabby chic style, will give you the same feeling in your home.

Shabby chic is not a specific style, but is an elegant combination of old things, sparkling silver accessories, painted wood tables and fluffy carpets.

In the following lines you’ll find some interior design tips and decorating how to for the shabby chic and romantic vintage cottage style home.

Delicate colors, light shades

If you like strong colors, than the shabby chic style is not for you. Use pale white, warm grey, warm pink or light green.

Pale materials

Gather textiles from the entire house or buy some with an old look, to obtain a vintage atmosphere. If you don’t find, you can get by yourself that mat appearance of materials, by coloring them with tea. Test it first on a piece of material, to obtain the desired shade.

Combine colors with patterns

Combine stripes with squares or with floral patterns to create a warm atmosphere. You don’t have to follow the traditional principles of mixing patterns. But use for the background the white or ivory color, then chose a color to use for any material.

Furniture painted in white

Almost any piece of furniture can be integrated in the shabby chic décor if it’s painted in white. You will be surprised about can do the white paint from a chair or an old coffee table.

Think free

Not all the chairs are made to seat on them. Some are very uncomfortable. But you can transform them in little tables and put them near to the bed along with some flowers. Be creative with the things in your house, especially with those which you can’t find an immediate use for.



Cheap and Easy Stained Glass

Cheap and Easy Stained Glass I have always loved stained glass but could never afford the real thing. I loved the idea of light bouncing off all the colored glass and the images dancing around off the walls and floors.

Living in apartments most of my life I have often looked for ways to keep the neighbors from looking in without giving up the sunlight for my plants. It is also great in bathroom windows for the privacy you need but still allowing all the sunlight to filter in as well. If you have a finished basement stained glass offers the perfect finishing touch.

As you well know, when living in an apartment it is not a good idea to do this treatment directly to your windows. I wouldn’t recommend doing it directly to your windows no matter where you live. If you get tired of it you would have to replace the whole window. I like to take my work with me wherever I live.

Here’s the solution. Measure the window in which you are working with. You can have a piece of glass cut a tad bit smaller to fit and put it in the window. You can place nails around the sides of the window to hold it in place.

I like to go to the thrift stores in search of old large pictures that are close to the size I’m looking for. I like to choose frame that are beat up and have lots of character. Remove the picture and wash the glass on both sides. You are ready to begin.

For this project you will need stained glass paint. You can find tubes in any color you like at most craft stores. I like allot of color so I usually buy one of each. Stained glass paint runs around two dollars and twenty five cents for a one ounce bottle. Keep in mind the color clear, when finished, resembles the old fashioned wavy glass look. White resembles ivory or marble. Both are beautiful!

You will also need a large bottle of liquid lead. You can find it right next to the stained glass paint. Liquid lead runs around five dollars a five ounce bottle. While you’re there check out the pattern books that are made to slide under the glass so that you can trace your favorite design. The books start out around five dollars per book.

If you don’t trust your tracing skills craft stores offer peel and stick already made lead patterns. I enjoy the homemade look so I trace my patterns.

You will be treating the side of the glass that will be facing the window. In other words, surface untreated side out. This way it is less likely to collect dust and easier to clean.

Make sure to use a well ventilated area. I didn’t and wow what a migraine! Trace your pattern onto the glass and allow to cure overnight. The next day start filling in with color. Make sure to fill each spot thoroughly or else you will be able to see squiggly marks when it dries. If this happens you can go over each spot adding more of the color gel after it has dried. If you do this make sure to fill in the entire spot over again otherwise you will see the patch work when it is placed in the window.

This is perfect for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and basement windows. It is also great on glass end tables or for just hanging on the wall. Great as a house warming present! Remember, the bigger the window the more it will cost in supplies. Good luck!


3 Easy Shabby Chic Faux Paint Techniques

3 Easy Shabby Chic Faux Paint Techniques Shabby chic faux paint techniques are a fun way to take furniture, picture frames and flea markets finds and turn them into shabby chic treasures for your home. Here is a look at 3 easy to follow and popular shabby chic paint techniques!

Shabby Chic Faux Paint Technique #1: Crackle Paint

Crackle paint is probably the all time most popular shabby chic faux paint treatment out there. Thee great thing about crackle paint is that is can take a new piece of furniture and turn it into shabby chic treasure in only a few hours.

You can buy crackle paint kits at your local him improvement store, craft store, and art supply store. You start by painting on a base color, that will be revealed in the cracks of the paint.

Once he base paint dries a clear crackle medium is applied. Once it dries the final paint coat goes on. It is that simple and easy!

Shabby Chic Faux Paint Technique #2: Wax

I call this shabby chic faux paint technique wax for lack of a better word. This is simple using wax to make furniture look warn and old. It saves elbow grease and create and easy to sand surface perfect for creating a worn and old paint finish on shabby chic furniture.

Simply paint on a base coat of paint and let it dry for 24 hours. Now, take a beeswax candles and rib it onto the places on the piece of shabby chic furniture that you want to look worn. Focus on edges, corners, and areas below handles.

Now, paint on you top paint coat on top. The wax will be slightly visible. Let your paint color dry.

Take sand paper and lightly sand the waxed areas to reveal the base coat. This will easily sand away, so do not sand hard.

Shabby Chic Faux Paint Technique #3: Milk Paint

Finally, milk paint is one of my favorite paints and paint techniques for creating a shabby chic piece of furniture or craft. Milk paint often comes in powder form and you simply add water to make the paint.

The paint is also a primer, so you do not need to prime the furniture. It is a dry matte finish, so many people often prefer to seal or darken it with wood wax. This will age the paint and give it a soft shine.

You can buy milk paint at any hardware store that sells paint. It is quickly becoming a popular paint choice and becoming widely available.


3 Ideas for Shabby Chic Vessel Sinks

3 Ideas for Shabby Chic Vessel Sinks Shabby chic vessel sink are all the rage in vintage bathrooms this year. If you want to create one of a kind hand made or unique shabby chic vessel sinks, then you have quite a few options.

The look of a bowl or vessel sitting on top of the counter is a huge trend in bathrooms and really lend itself well to the bathroom and the shabby chic interior design.

I love decorating in a shabby chic or vintage look in the bathroom. It is a charming feel for a room where you prepare to start each day!

Here are 3 ideas for unique one of a kind shabby chic vessel sinks:

Shabby Chic Vessel Sink #1: Vintage Depression glass Bowls

Vintage Depression glass is a huge collectible, so cutting this will have to mean you are really sure you have to have this look! It is definitely worth it though!

Go ahead and measure how large the drain hole needs to be for your vessel sink pipes and hardware. Now, you can either drill this hole in the bottom of your depression era glass bowl or have it done professionally.

I recommend the latter. These bowls can be pricey and you do not want to risk cracking the bowl or ruining it. Install this the same as you would a store bought sink bowl.

Shabby Chic Vessel Sink #2: Vintage Enamel Ware Bowls

For a more vintage or shabby chic vessel bowl sink on a budget, opt for the namely ware bowls. Thee are readily available at the local flea market, antique shop, and online. You can find enamel ware bowls in all white, with a red stripe on the edge or even with a blue stripe on the edge.

For cutting the hole in the enamel ware bowl to turn it into a vessel sink I recommend contacting your local auto repair shop. They have drills that can easily cut through metal without misshaping the area around the cuts. They do this on cars in their line of work.

Simply ask if they ca drill a hole in the bottom of a metal bowl to the size you need and what they will charge. Around $15 to $20 is more than a fair price!

Shabby Chic Vessel Sink #3: McCoy Pottery Bowls

This idea is my favorite for creating a vintage vessel sink bowl or shabby chic sink bowl. McCoy Pottery is highly recognizable and so easy to find. Even if you opt for a look alike McCoy style bowl , the result will be amazing.

Use a ceramic drill bit to drill the hole to size in the base do the bowl. You can easily do this yourself if you are using reduction bowl. It is a good idea to start out with smaller hole, then cut a larger one around it.

If you are using a favorite McCoy Pottery bowl, then have professional cut it. Tile installers are a great option since they already have the tools needed to drill through as well as cut ceramics.


How to Reattach a Vinyl Floor Tile

Vinyl flooring is an inexpensive type of flooring yet it is durable. At times however a tile may come loose and make the rest of the floor look shabby. Even if vinyl flooring is inexpensive you don’t want to have a loose tile. A loose tile can be dangerous as well as unattractive. Instead of redoing the whole vinyl floor you can easily reattach the loose vinyl floor tile.

All you need to reattach a loose vinyl tile is a piece of aluminum foil that is large enough to cover the area you are reattaching. You will also need a iron set on a high setting and something heavy like a brick to weigh down the tiles as they cool off.

First put the aluminum foil down on the unattached piece of vinyl. Then take the hot iron and run it over the aluminum foil a while until you can feel the glue actually melting under the iron. After you have the tile hot and the glue melted you can take the brick or something flat and heavy and place it on the tile to keep the tile tight to the floor as it is drying.

After the tile has cooled off you can take the brick or the heavy item and take it off of the tile. See if the tile is holding. When you take off the aluminum foil and you discover that the tile is not holding you can do the process over again. Sometimes it takes a few times for you to feel how the glue is melting under the hot iron.

If you are afraid that your tile might be ruined by this process then try it in an inconspicuous spot before you do it in an area that is well seen. You can also try this technique on vinyl flooring that may have a bulge in it. Sometimes a sheet of vinyl does not glue down properly and this trick with the hot iron and aluminum foil may help reattach the vinyl to the floor.

This technique is quick and easy and doesn’t cost much so it doesn’t hurt to try it but a little of your time. Before you redo the whole vinyl floor try this trick and see if it can salvage your vinyl tile flooring. Replacing a whole floor can be hard to do and expensive to do. Remember to be safe when you use a hot iron.


2 Ideas for Unique Vintage Nightstands

Vintage nightstand s and shabby chic nightstands are a fun opportunity to create some unique nightstands and one of kind nightstands. These ideas for unique and one of a kind vintage night stands will look Greta in a shabby chic design, industrial room design, or even vintage retro room design.

Here are 2 fun ideas for unique vintage nightstands:

One of a Kind Vintage Night Stands Idea #1: Vintage Sinks

This is absolutely one of my favorite ideas for a fun and wacky vintage nightstand. I come across old vintage sinks all the time at my local flea market. These can often be wall mount sinks or wall mount sinks with metal legs. Old pedestal sinks will also work.

You want to loose the pipes for this one, there will no water flowing here. Have a piece of Plexiglas cut to the same size as the top of the sink.

Go ahead and clean the sink. You can also resurface the paint on the sink if needed.

Install the sink in the wall right beside your bed. Top of off with the sheet of Plexiglas. You can need to use double sided plastic adhesive tabs to hold this in place. Another option is a dab of epoxy glue.

This look is fun and unique and a great way to create a feature in any room.

One of a Kind Vintage Night Stands Idea #2: Vintage Rocking Chairs

Small vintage rocking chairs also make great night stands. For this look try stacking a group of large hardbound books next to your bed. These need to be tall enough so that when the small rocker is resting on them that it brings it up to table height.

If you do not like the looks of yoru books you can make book covers for them. Using vintage fabric is another fun way to tie the look together. You could also use burlap fabric in brown for a more rustic look.

You could also mount the rocking chair to the wall if needed. It depends on how the legs are on the chair. Screw a 2X4 board into the wall and paint it out to match the rocking chair. Now, screw the chair into the board to hold it level on the wall!

You can get really creative here and make a bookshelf night stand buy attaching three rocking chair vertically on each side of the bed. Just be sure you do not mind drill through the chairs before you get started!


Shabby Chic Craft Ideas: Pink Lace Painted Accent Table

Shabby Chic Craft Ideas: Pink Lace Painted Accent Table Used accent tables can be found for a fairly inexpensive price at yard sales and flea markets. Refurbishing a wooden accent table to a Shabby Chic work of art is incredibly simple. This pink lace painted accent table is fabulously fun, and requires no lace at all.

For this project, you will need:

– One wooden accent table that is in fairly good condition (no cracks or holes)

– Medium grit sandpaper

– Tack cloth or other soft cloth

– Paper lace doilies

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Primer in All-Purpose White

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Ballet Slipper

– Krylon Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive in Clear

– Polyurethane sealant

– Sponge brush

– Newspaper or a large drop cloth

The accent table you start with can be any shape or size. However, if the table has any wood cracks or holes, then fill them with a little bit of wood putty first. Allow the putty to dry before sanding smooth. Also, make sure the wood is free of any existing paints or stains, which will need to be removed with a bit of paint stripper before starting. Cover your work area with a bunch of newspaper or a large drop cloth. Remove any hardware from the table.

Gently sand the entire wood accent table with medium grit sandpaper. Wipe away any wood dust with a tack cloth or other soft cloth. Spray the entire table with two coats of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Primer in All-Purpose White. Allow the table to dry overnight.

Spray the back of one of the paper doilies with Krylon Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive in Clear. Position the doily onto the top of the table. Spray and add a second doily to the top of the table. Continue this until the entire top of the accent table is covered in a singular layer of paper lace doilies. Apply three thick coats of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Ballet Slipper, pausing for fifteen to twenty minutes between. Allow the table to once again dry overnight.

Peel away the paper doilies from the top of the table. With a sponge brush, apply a coat of polyurethane sealant to the top of the table. Dry completely, which may again take overnight. Gently sand the rest of the table with medium grit sandpaper in random areas to add an “antiqued” appearance. Reinstall any hardware on the table and enjoy.

TIP: This project also looks well done in a reverse color scheme. Simply paint the entire table pink, and then add a white overcoat with the doily step.


Make a Vintage Style Green Monogram Desk

Make a Vintage Style Green Monogram Desk Feminine vintage style furniture is very popular in many homes. This adorable green monogram desk would look perfect in a Shabby Chic or vintage floral style office, and can completely redesign an existing table in only a few hours.

For this project, you will need:

– One wooden desk

– Medium grit sandpaper

– Soft cloth or tack cloth

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Primer in All-Purpose White

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Celery

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Dover White

– Krylon Short Cuts Hobby and Craft Paint Pen in Gloss White

– Pencil

– Five inch or larger fancy monogram stencil (available at craft supply stores and paint stores)

– Sponge brush

– Polyurethane sealant

– Newspaper or large sized drop cloth

Cover your work area with a few sheets of old newspaper or a large fabric or plastic drop cloth. If your wooden desk has any existing paints or stains, remove them first with paint stripper and/or thinner. (This will depend on the level of paint and stain on the desk as to which you will need to use.) Sand the wood smooth with medium grit sandpaper. Take a tack cloth or other soft cloth and gently wipe away any dust on the surface of the wood.

Carefully prime the outside of the table with Krylon Indoor Outdoor Primer in All-Purpose White. Dry for a few hours. Paint the table in a light coating of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Dover White. When this is completely dry, spray the outside of the desk with Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Celery. Once the green paint is just barely dry to the touch, gently sand random areas with medium grit sandpaper to expose the lighter shade underneath. (Do not over sand, but rather give the table an aged appearance.)

Place the five inch or larger fancy monogram stencil onto the center of the desk. In pencil, trace your monogram. Fill in the design with a Krylon Short Cuts Hobby and Craft Paint Pen in Gloss White. Allow the monogram paint to dry completely.

Apply a thin layer of polyurethane sealant to the table with a sponge brush. Dry overnight before enjoying your new vintage style monogram desk!

TIP: This project can be created with a wide variety of paint colors. Consider anything pastel an option. Also, try reversing the Dover White and Celery paints in this project for an even more flea market appeal.


How to Revive Dish Clothes

Dish clothes are handy clothes can clean up pretty much everything. After awhile these handy items can start to smell stale and they can look pretty shabby. You can start using them as rags once you are done using them for dishes and dusting or if you think they are good enough to try and revive you can try this tip.

Soak the dish clothes in a mixture of a gallon of hot water and a half cup of vinegar. Let the dish clothes soak in the gallon of hot water and half a cup of vinegar for an hour or more. Then take the dish clothes out of the hot water and vinegar mixture and wash them as you usually do.

If you don’t like to use vinegar or you don’t have any vinegar you can substitute the vinegar for lemon juice. Lemon juice is an acid like vinegar is but it smell nicer and is easier to use.

This method of reviving dish clothes will help remove any ground in oils and soap scum that have accumulated on your dish clothes. It will help your dish clothes smell nice again.

The vinegar or lemon juice will also clean up and mold or mildew that is on the dish clothes.

Once the dish clothes are clean and dry the dish clothes will be ready for more use. You can use them just like you did before. Wash your dishes with them and wipe up the counters. Clean up the kitchen with them and make the house clean and shiny.

You can also clean up face clothes and bathroom towels with vinegar or lemon juice. Vinegar or lemon juice mixed in hot water will clean and kill mold and mildew on clothes, towels or other fabrics.

You can try this method of cleaning mold, mildew, soap scum and dirt on just about any fabric. If you are concerned that the fabric may be damaged by the hot water and vinegar or lemon juice treatment you can try it on a small piece of the fabric first. Then if no damage is done you can wash the entire fabric with the vinegar or lemon juice and hot water.

Fabrics that have been in storage for a long time can get a moldy smell on them. Treat them with the vinegar and hot water treatment to make them smell good again.


Decorate Your Home with Vintage Linens

Decorate Your Home with Vintage LinensWelcome the new life of spring this year by decorating with nostalgic vintage linens. Here are ideas to decorate your home with the sensational shabby chic look of soft pastels and dainty florals that antique linens can provide.

Vintage handkerchiefs in the Bedroom
Antique and collectible hankies are very versatile in home decorating. You can readily find these for sale at online vintage linens, vintage clothing and antiques sites, local antiques shops, and estate sales. Antique handkerchiefs are also available for sale at antiques and collectibles and vintage clothing shows, and flea markets. You will find a wide range, from antique hankies of the late 1800’s to collectible hankies from the 1950s and 60s.

Florals have always been popular, so if you enjoy the shabby chic look, search for appealing colors and designs. In addition, other popular patterns of vintage handkerchiefs include lace, crochet-edged and monogram; as well as designer signed hankies with animal, character, holiday, souvenir, and pop art patterns.

You can create a stunning one-of-a-kind bedspread by joining floral, lace, or crochet hankies in a pattern and color scheme of your choice. You might also use matching or coordinating handkerchiefs to cover a chair seat, bench, or footstool also located in the bedroom. Or make pillow tops from a variety of vintage hankies to fill a large floor basket and scatter upon the bed.

Another idea is to photograph one spectacular antique handkerchief or a variety, and create an original wallpaper border. You might frame the originals for special placement on the bedroom walls as well.

Vintage Tablecloths in the Dining Room and Kitchen
Colorful, collectible tablecloths are available for sale at online antiques and vintage linen, sites, as well as local shops and shows. Many washings and much use have added to the soft feel and gently faded look of many older floral and plant life designs. For covering a kitchen or dining table, look for a vintage tablecloth in good clean condition, with few or no stains. You can create kitchen curtains, placemats, and dishtowels with good sections of vintage cloths that are not acceptable for covering a table.

Vintage Linens in the Baby Nursery or Child’s Room
Unusual decorative accents can be created for your baby’s nursery or child’s room with vintage linens. Older and collectible embroidered, cross-stitched, or hand-painted doilies in children’s designs look sensational framed and hung on the walls. Antique and vintage children’s hankies also work well displayed the same way. Older children may enjoy a quilt top or window stitched from interesting pieces of vintage linens with fun juvenile designs.