Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch

Creating a shabby chic bedroom from scratch is both simple and inexpensive. From the bed to the curtains, everything in a shabby chic bedroom is very affordable and often times you can create a shabby chic bedroom ensemble with furniture that you already own. With a few little touches and a day’s work well done, an inexpensive shabby chic bedroom is right around the corner!

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 1

Choose your paint. The best shabby chic paint colors tend to be greens, yellows, and light baby blues. You may also like a cream white depending on your particular furnishing ideas. Choose a paint color that will coordinate with the surroundings in your new shabby chic bedroom by taking your bedspread or other accent pieces with you to the paint store. Inexpensive paint may be purchased at department stores such as wal-mart or k-mart.

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 2

Choose Furniture. When choosing furniture for your new shabby chic bedroom, make sure that you look to old distressed pieces, wrought irons, or woods that have an aged appearance. If you have furniture already that is made from wood you may also use sandpaper to scuff up the edges for a worn look. Inexpensive painted furniture can easily be given a distressed or aged look (perfect for a shabby chic bedroom) by applying a very thin layer of paint thinner to the edges just long enough t cause the paint to begin to curl around the edges. Remember, the most inexpensive shabby chic bedroom furnishings are those that you create yourself with the furnishings that you already own.

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 3

Choose Bedding and Curtains. Your shabby chic bedroom is just not shabby chic without the proper bedding and curtains. Shabby chic bedding such as an old quilt that your grandmother may have made or a chennile blanket will really add flare to your new shabby chic bedroom and is very inexpensive! The best shabby chic bedroom curtains are lace curtains that accent the wall paint that you chose. If you don’t have lace curtains you can easily make lace drapes for very little cost out of pocket. Remember that your shabby chic bedroom will be very inexpensive as long as you work with what you do have and don’t sweat what you don’t have!

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 4

Choose Accents. A shabby chic bedroom should be accented with glass knick knacks such as vases and crystal candle holders. We all have those glass knick knacks that we have accumulated over the years and packed away somewhere because we just didn’t know where they would fit in…the shabby chic bedroom is the perfect place for all those knick knacks. If you don’t already have such items, you can easily accessorize your new shabby chic bedroom very inexpensively by shopping at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.

Inexpensive Shabby Chic Bedroom from Scratch Step 5

Wall Hangings. Finish off your shabby chic bedroom by adding some shabby chic wall hangings. Photos can be famed in wood frames that are painted in coordinating paint colors and then distressed. Distress the frames the same way you would furniture-scuff the edges with some sandpaper. You may also choose an inexpensive country cottage style painting from a flea market for your shabby chic bedroom. Again, keep the frames either raw wood for a rustic look or painted with distressed edges for best results in your new shabby chic bedroom!