Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Shabby chic décor is a great way to incorporate a new design into the home without going all out. You may have some various textures or different colors in fabrics, or maybe you just have lots of different furniture for you house and you just are not sure how you can incorporate the design into a shabby chic décor that will work for your home. Here are some shabby chic décor ideas for the home that will make the home look!

Chenille: Chenille fabrics are a great way to add some shabby chic style to the home. Throw a chenille throw blanket over the back of a couch or along the foot of a bed. The coordination of this soft fabric and lace in a shabby chic décor makes all the difference. Paired with an antique white wall or even the use of baby blue in the room this chenille fabric will create a shabby chic look in nearly any room.

Lace: Lace curtains are the easiest way to add a shabby chic décor to the home. Whether it is in the bathroom, kitchen or even the living room, lace curtains are a shabby chic décor accessory that can’t be missed. In addition to lace curtains, you can also add a lace shower curtain to a shabby chic bathroom, or a lace bedspread to a shabby chic bedroom. The use of lace adds a slightly antique look to nearly anything. Shabby chic decorating can be as simple as having an updated room with some lace curtains to draw attention down a bit.

Colors: The colors that you choose for a shabby chic room make all the difference in the overall décor of the home. Baby blue works well for a country style shabby chic living room, kitchen or bedroom. Dusty roses are another great choice for shabby chic living rooms and bedrooms. For the kitchen, an antique white paired with lavender or baby blue floral prints are the perfect shabby chic addition to the home. Try painting the kitchen cabinets antique white and use a baby blue or peony tone for the walls. Lace curtains and some chair cushions in floral prints will complete the look

Texture: The various textures that are used in the home can add some shabby chic design and themes to each room. Different fabrics will create a different theme in each room from the kitchen to the bathroom and the living room. For the bedroom, to create a shabby chic look, try using chenille fabrics, various paint colors, and of course lace curtains to finish off the look. Mix an match different textures in the room to create a shabby chic decor. Shabby chic decorating is very simple when you use what you have on hand and maybe pair it with something new that isn’t so shabby–more along the chic line.

Incorporating Various Items: The use of various items will add to the shabby chic look of a room. This is not to say that a shabby chic design is thrown together and not well planned…what this means is that a shabby chic décor is well planned and all the elements of the design work well together. The textures, designs, colors and overall feel of the room feel well together and work well together. Various items of the room can be incorporated together to create an overall design that functions and performs up to desired standards!

Distressed Look: Furnishings can easily be given a distressed look by using some sand paper to scuff up the edges of wood furniture and accessories. Picture frames can be painted with an antique white finish and then distressed around the corners and the edges using sand paper. This shabby chic look will add some style to nearly anything in the home!