Shabby Chic Living Room Dcor on a Budget

Shabby chic is one of the easiest styles to create on a budget. Shabby chic style and décor just happens to be one of the only decorating styles that entails a mixture of old and new that when combined creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Creating a shabby chic living room that your friends and family will love to spend time in is very simple to do on a budget. Using the existing furniture and items that you already have around the house, you can create a shabby chic living room décor on a budget with just a few additional accents that make the entire room come together.

Shabby Chic Furnishings for a Living Room: A shabby chic living room should include a big cushiony couch and wood style coffee tables as well as end tables or lamp tables. The furniture that you already have for the living room can be made into a shabby chic furniture just by using chenille throws on the couches and mismatched pillows that will coordinate with the décor. When choosing mismatched pillows for the shabby chic décor make sure that you choose pillows that vary in size and texture as texture plays a big role in creating a shabby chic design.

Shabby Chic Living Room Lighting: The lighting in your living room may or may not already be shabby chic. An old chandelier or hanging lantern style light for the corner reading area of the shabby chic living room can usually be found even for the lowest budget price and it makes a great addition to a shabby chic living room. Other lighting options for a shabby chic living room include traditional table lamps and wall sconces for ambient lighting.

Shabby Chic Living Room Flooring: Even a tight budget usually leaves room for the use of shabby chic flooring in the living room. If the room is already carpeted then the addition of some shabby chic rugs may be the most budget friendly answer. For living rooms that are not carpeted or for a budget that maybe could spare a bit more on the flooring, a shabby chic whitewashed oak or milk wash type laminate flooring can be found and installed rather easily and inexpensively.

Shabby Chic Living Room Accessories on a Budget: Shabby chic décor can be summed up by the accessories that are in the room. A living room that is shabby chic may include candle holders, distressed wood shelves on the walls, mismatched magazines and books on the coffee table, and of course, lace. Shabby chic must include the lace and curtains in the living room are a great way to add some shabby chic style to the décor. Lace curtains are simple to make or very budget friendly to purchase pre-made and ready to hang.