Shabby Chic Storage Accessories for the Living Room

A shabby chic living room is just not complete without the addition of some storage accessories to add class to the room. There are hundreds of different ways that you can store items in the living room and still maintain a shabby chic appeal. Here are a few of my favorite ways to store small items in the living room while staying shabby chic and organized at the same time!

Canisters: Those old canisters that grandma used to have all over the house are a great way to store small items and stay organized and maintain the shabby chic appeal of the room. Shabby chic canisters can be found at thrift stores or you may even have some of them laying around the house already making them a very economical choice for storage too!

Baskets: Baskets and more baskets it seems like you just can’t get enough of them when you are trying to give your home a shabby chic style. If you have raw wood baskets already then a quick coat of white paint can be used to give them a more shabby chic décor. Rough the paint up a bit once applied to give the baskets a truly shabby chic distressed look. Just about anything can be stored in the baskets from magazines to television remotes and knick knacks.

Jars: While jars are likely not the most common living room storage container they are great for small table top items. Do you keep a pen or pencil by your favorite chair in the living room? A jar is a great way to store small items such as pens and pencils, paper clips, candies, and other small living room accessories that are commonly lost if just left out on the table.

Shelving: Adequate shelving space can be the answer to your storage nightmares. To create shabby chic living room shelves give old shelves a coat of paint and distress the wood a bit with sand paper after painting. You may also want to try a crackle finish on the shelving to create a weathered look that is truly perfect for a shabby chic designed living room décor!

Cabinets: You can often find small cabinets that are perfect for shabby chic décor at thrift stores or yard sales. Do not fill the living room with large cabinet pieces but rather with small corner cabinets or single wall cabinets that have glass fronts so that the inside items in the cabinets can be showcased! This will give the living room a truly shabby chic look and ample storage space for all those little knick knacks!