Tips on Ecologically Decorating Your Home

Tips on Ecologically Decorating Your Home Go green was once believed to be a fad of its day. Pricey green innovation has long held the stigma for being the fashionable and politically correct for those who can afford it as known as the very wealthy. However, go green in your home has come a long way from its exorbitantly priced and not so humble beginnings. Whether you’re after the shabby chic look for your homes new look or the elegant and traditional by using the recycled materials whenever and wherever you can shall keep you well in the black when it comes to the budget for the redecoration project.

When decorating large areas of the home paint is generally speaking the most economical way to go. Let’s face it, conventional paint is very hazardous to ones health. The pollutants contained in even the leading paints manufacturer’s products are well above levels found from outdoor paints. It is believed the that toxic levels found in conventional paints along with poor ventilation has led to damage causing effects on the body such as headaches, asthma, fatigue and even heart disease.

Finding eco-friendly paint for your DIY project means you are instantly creating a healthier environment for your home and the environment. New ecological paint options should emit little or no VOCs. These paint products tend to be of a water base which is safer to use and gentler on the environment. “Low-VOC” stamp of approval means that the product is definitely approved by EPA standards. The selection of paint and colors are becoming more readily available as the demand for healthier paint products increases.

When looking at the most viable and ecological option to use for furnishing your home look no further than your nearest scrap yard. This may sound most thrifty but there are great finds to hand for those determined enough. A great substitute for buying an expensive dining table from the local home depot or furniture shop is instead to search around your local wood yard for reclaimed wood to use as the table top. That and a basic table DIY kit will create the prefect rustic or elegant dining table depending on the type of wood finish you choose.

Keeping in mind that saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure shall help you navigate through salvage yards with gusto. Using reclaimed wood for larger furniture items such as bed frames, desks and side tables will provide a new stylish look for your home all at an extremely affordable cost. Whether you leave the original finished on the wooden pieces found in the salvage yard or apply eco-friendly paint from your supply of Low VOC paint collection the beauty of the wood shall shine through.

Making something as simple as a wall of water from recycled jars which are stacked on a window seal creates a cooling effect that lowers the heat absorption throughout the day. This works best when placed in the west facing windows of your home. Replacing old carpet is easier than you think. If you are fortunate enough to have good hard wood flooring underneath your tattered carpets then polish them up.

Another great alternative is replacing them with an inexpensive non-toxic carpet option called carpet squares. This carpet option literally comes in sizeable squared carpet form. They are easy to apply to the floor and come in an array of non-toxic dyes colors. Most carpet manufacture’s produce carpet squares from recycled materials making them wonderfully friendly to the environment. Decorating your home with green and environmentally friendly options can be a fun and educational method to introducing the entire neighborhood to ecological wonders also known as “Going Green.”